SQUEEZEX is a visual inspection machine for the dimensional control and surface of O-rings and circular pieces generic rubber. SqueezeX is able to control the surface of the workpiece to identify the closed-cuts that are not visible. The machine is also capable of controlling other major defects such as burrs, missing materials, holes and halos, reprinted, circularity, concentricity, etc. The process of production of rubber articles creates superficial cuts localized mainly in the area of closure of the mold that is not visible with the classical vision systems without contact. SqueezeX solves the problem of real-time control of these defects acquiring images during the deformation of the workpiece.

The machine is controlled by a PC managed by an operating system that performs real-time processing on both the images and the interaction with the user through a simple and intuitive interface to windows.
System Real-Time provides an excellent system stability and speed control is extremely high.
Images are captured by digital cameras industrial and are transferred, without loss or disorders, to the PC via Firewire connection.
The charging unit shall provide the pieces to be checked on a conveyor belt where a motorized diverter transfers the pieces on the turntable.