T90 Range

T90 Range

T90 Water Heater up to 90°C

T90 Range:

This collection of modern temperature control equipment ensures temperatures are accurately managed within applications such as injection moulding, extrusion, rollers and vessels. These non-pressurised units deliver highly effective water heating with maximum reliability for long-life productivity.

Additional advantages include:

Minimal rejection rates for improved production start-ups
Continuous high-quality production
Improved cavity-filling performance
Closer tolerances

About the units:

Self-cleaning solenoid valves
Non-ferrous parts
Stainless steel heat exchanger
Automatic and manual filling
All heating elements made of heat resistance alloy incoloy for high corrosion resistance long service life
High quality pump materials (no seal)
Flow metre as standard (except for T90e-9/12)
Pressure sensors (except for T90e-9/12)
Inlet/outlet temperature sensors (except for T90e-9/12)
Leak stopper
Tank made of stainless steel
Electric and control equipment

Solid state relays
Diagnostic controller
C7 basic with diagnostic control for T90e models
C7 advanced standard on T90s and T90m
Available options

Connections for various analog and digital electric interfaces
Remote probes for cascade control
Stainless steel panels
Increased cooling