P140 Pressurised Water Heater up to 140°C

P140e • P140s • P140m

These pressurised units deliver high temperature water heating with limited need for maintenance and offer increased energy efficiency.

Capacities range from 9-48kW, with water temperatures reaching up to 140oC

Plastics/Injection Moulding
Food Production Processes
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
The unit features an air bottle, stainless steel heat exchanger, pressure sustaining accumulator, non-ferrous internal parts, low tank volume and solid state relays. The unit also features an auto shutdown system to prevent any leaks.

About the Units

C7 basic with diagnostic control for P140e models
C7 advanced standard on P140s and P140m
Non-ferrous parts – all components exposed to water are made of non-ferrous materials, ensuring a long service life
Pressure sustaining accumulator – operating temperature independent of cooling water pressure – flexible operation
Direct acting self-cleaning solenoid valves – low maintenance due to minimal cleaning required (no diaphragm)
Heating elements – made of heat-resistant alloy incoloy for high corrosion resistance and long service life
Auto shutdown system – if a pipe breaks, the machine will stop and lock the supply water system down to prevent any leaks
Air release bottle – protects the heating elements and pump where large amounts of air could be present in the process

Available options

Direct cool
Increased cooling
Stainless steel panels/frame
Remote probe for cascade control
Connections for various analog inputs and outputs