HTF Range

HTF Range

HTF Oil Heater from 150°C to 350°C


This collection of robust heater units work at a wide range of capabilities from 9-48kW, providing consistent high temperatures without pressurisation. Units within this range provide the perfect temperature control consistency for the following processes:
Plastics extrusion
Die casting
Injection moulding
Food production
Chemical and pharmaceutical
High temp jacketed vessels
In the production of die casting, temperature control units can reduce reject rates up to 80% and make the die last up to three times longer, reducing heat-up time by as much as 30%.

About the units

Low volume tubular heater tank
Diagnostic controller
Non-ferrous internal parts
Solid state relays
Leak stopper as standard on the HTF150s
Stainless steel heat exchanger
Direct acting self-cleaning solenoid valves
Large volume tank on the HTF150s
Magnetic drive pump on units over 200°C
Available options

Connections for various analog and digital electric interfaces
Remote probe for cascade control
Stainless steel panels
Increased cooling
Optional 3-way valve bypass on the temperature control side fitted on units over 300°C