Granulator GR 850 UC

GR 850 UC

Band Granulator GR 850 UC for rubber and plastic compounds. SAGITTA Band Granulators are machines for the production of uniform cube-shaped granulated material.


Almost any caoutchouc compound both natural and synthetic, can be granulated, as well as thermoplastics, various kinds of hard plastics, and other materials, provided they are ribbon shaped and have a certain stiffness.


The cut is scissors-like: the band granulator is composed of two sets of circular knives, which revolve in the opposite direction and are intermeshing. They convey the ribbon and cut it into strips. The width of the strips is proportional to the thickness of the circular knives.


In order to prevent the strips from winding around the disc cylinders, one comb for each cylinder is provided to take the strips out of the gaps between the circular knives. The strips reach the counter-knife one beside the other and they are cut by the knife cylinder into cubical shape.